Siena Farms’ produce is grown using the traditionally sustainable farming practices of modern biological agriculture; free of chemical herbicides, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers. The soil fertility of our seventy-five acre farm is built annually through the use of natural composts, cover crops and minerals, which together supply valuable nutrients to the farm’s soil – and thus to your produce.

Is Siena Farms’ produce ORGANIC? We have chosen to forgo the USDA’s organic certification process and invite you to trust us, your farmers, that our produce is grown using ecologically and socially responsible methods.

We believe that our emphasis on soil health as well as FRESHNESS makes a real difference in the flavor, nutrition, shine and storage quality of Siena Farms’ produce. And with our crop varietal selections and harvest techniques guided by some of the region’s top chefs, we aspire to grow some of the very best fresh produce you’ve ever tasted.

The Farm

Siena Farms, a seventy-five acre market farm growing fresh produce for farmers’ markets, restaurants, and a 750-member CSA community, is nestled in the fertile soils of the Sudbury River valley just twenty-five miles west of Boston.

Germination: In 1975, when Siena Farms’ owner Chris Kurth was a mere babe, his family moved to the nineteenth century Sudbury farmhouse and started settling in. Farmer Chris grew up tending home gardens, fruit trees, and even a goat that was his elementary school’s mascot! In 1998, after studying biology, religion, and environmental studies at Williams College, Farmer Chris started a ten-acre CSA farm on his parents’ fields, then called Meadow Brook Farm. After four years of developing Meadow Brook he accepted a farm instructor’s position at The Farm School in Athol, MA, during which time he met and married his wife Ana Sortun, chef/owner of Oleana restaurant and Sofra Bakery in Cambridge, MA, and Sarma mezze bar in Somerville, MA . The birth of Ana’s and Chris’ daughter Siena in 2005 spawned a new incarnation of the Sudbury farm, "Siena Farms."

Growth: In partnership with a core team of managers and a great seasonal crew, Farmer Chris is looking forward to many more decades, if not generations, of growing. With Chef Ana helping to select crop varieties and to guide harvest techniques to maximize quality and freshness, the Siena Farms team is determined and delighted to grow the finest and freshest produce available for its customers.

Harvest: As the daughter of a farmer and a chef, Siena is proud to be one of the best-fed children around (not to mention the cutest!). She now invites you to join her culinary adventure!

Farmers’ Markets Dates & Times

Copley Square, Boston
Tuesdays and Fridays
11am to 6:30pm
May 17 through Thanksgiving

Area Restaurants Serving Siena Farms’ Produce